Anti-Spamming Act

Anti-Spamming Act

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Spamming is illegal, dangerous and offensive!

"All unsolicited
advertising is in violation of the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, and
Collateral Code of Federal Regulations (47 CFR 64.1200). The TCPA allows a private right of action
against the sender of unsolicited advertising. The recipient can sue for $500, or actual damages
(whichever is greater). "

Spammers collect and steal our personal information for their own sake. 
To protect our privacy and to be free from unwanted disturbance, we must send a strong message to these spammers that doing business through spamming is doom to fail, and they have to be responsible for whatever they did. 

Spammers acknowledge that what they are doing is illegal and violating people's privacy, they scare to death to reveal any piece of information about themselves. Therefore, to get in any contact with these people is not only dangerous to yourself but also encouraging illegal behaviors, just like helping criminals to rob. What we 're doing here is to identify those criminals, the beneficiaries of spamming, and make them public. So, before you initiate any contact with anyone or business, please check the Spammer List sorted by phone # or Spammer List sorted by IP address , these business or people are confirmed to engage in initiating spamming or junk emails and are beneficiaries of such spamming. And we'll try to update the list as often as we can, maybe several times a day, so please check back often. 

You are welcome to link to this page and spread out the words to fight those spammers. 

And hopefully, some day, the Internet will be free from the spamming and become a much safer and more pleasurable place for all of us and our kids to surf.

*Please note that since spammers know that what they are doing is illegal and violating people's privacy, they usually won't reveal their complete information. Therefore, the Spammer List may appear spotty and unfinished. Please be patient, since once you find it, you know you have avoided a big hassle.

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